Our Commitment to Innovation

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has continued to innovate and meet the healthcare needs of our Members for more than two decades. With our Strategic Priorities guiding us, we will continue to seek opportunities for innovation and improvement – putting access to quality healthcare and our Members, Providers and Community above all else.

Our commitment to quality healthcare remains strong. The fast-changing healthcare landscape will continue to bring transformation – and challenges – in the decades to come. As IEHP continues to grow and the demand for healthcare increases, our vision for access to care and innovation will continue with programs that focus on efficiency and quality of care.

Total Pain Care Program
Total Pain Care Program includes in-network Centers of Excellence (COE) where individuals utilizing high levels of Opioids and suffering from severe, refractory chronic pain can be referred to a comprehensive, integrative and holistic treatment program focused on promoting self-efficacy and functional restoration. Initial cost estimates from the premier Pain Management COE show a 50percent decrease in cost of care.

Behavioral Health Integration/Complex Care Initiative
The Behavioral Health Integration Complex Care Initiative (BHICCI) is a partnership between IEHP and 34 Provider sites to improve the health and well-being of our Members, with a focus on those with complex needs. All of the sites integrate physical, mental health and substance abuse care. Studies show a 4:1 return on investment (University of Washington) and a 40-50 percent reduction in unnecessary ER visits (Washington State) through mental health and primary care integration models.

Health Information Exchange
A Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides real-time information to Providers when Members access the ED or are admitted to the hospital, and helps avoid duplicativetesting and treatment across providers.

Provider Network Subsidy and Recruitment
With an allocation of more than $30 million to the Provider Capital Fund (PCF) and $31 million to the Network Expansion Fund (NEF), IEHP helps build, lease, and expand clinics, as well as attract new board-certified PCPs, Specialists and Mid-level Providers to the Inland Empire. To date, the NEF has attracted almost 200 new Physicians and mid-levels to practice in the Inland Empire.

Doc Online
Through Doc Online, IEHP Members will gain access to board-certified physicians using telephonic or video devices. The program’s primary goal is to provide IEHP Members access to quality and convenient online Physician Services. This innovative approach to physician access, when fully implemented, will reduce unnecessary Emergency Department visits.

To help meet our goal of expanding access to specialty care for IEHP Members, IEHP will use eConsult, an electronic message exchange initiated by the PCP to a specialist. PCPs can ask clinical questions and review diagnostic data with the Specialist, and have the eConsult converted into an authorization if needed.

This web-based Data Management System, available to IEHP Members and Providers, saves blood glucose/blood pressure data electronically and allows users to have access to it anywhere online. Providers may use a TeleHealth-connected blood pressure monitor at the office or from the participating Members’ home. 

Housing Initiative

Unstable housing or homelessness are major contributors to poor health outcomes and quality of life. Members with stable housing are better able to manage their health and avoid the use of unneeded acute care services. IEHP is partnering with local stakeholders to provide IEHP Members with a pathway to stable housing, pairing permanent housing and rental assistance with supportive services such as intensive case management. The program focuses both on IEHP Members who are literally homeless – living in cars, outside in the elements, “couch surfing,” or staying in shelters – and on IEHP Members who are residing in long-term care or nursing facilities because they lack alternative housing options.