Message from the CEO


IEHP is one of the fastest-growing health plans in the nation. We have become a nationally recognized leader in managed care, and the largest health plan in the Inland Empire. As the dynamic healthcare landscape brings additional transformation, we remain dedicated to our community, providers, and members. 

To ensure our quality keeps pace with our growth, we’ve adopted LEAN principles of leadership and all aspects of operations throughout the company. Well-known in manufacturing and used by many healthcare organizations, LEAN encourages everyone throughout the organization to suggest improvements and engage in positive change. IEHP is one of the few Medicaid-Medicare health plans in the nation to fully adopt LEAN principles. In doing so, we’re not only fundamentally changing as a company, but becoming a change agent for the entire managed care industry. 

We also play an important role in supporting the economic health of the Inland Empire. As its largest employer, we boost the economic strength of the entire region by providing a wide variety of employment opportunities. We also directly contribute through our own financial outlays, including payments to providers, office space, local supplier purchasing and other operating costs. 

IEHP also encourages employee to support the community through volunteerism. During the last 20 years, IEHP employees have donated invaluable weekend volunteer time at thousands of IEHP community events. Our team culture emphasizes positive human interactions both inside and outside the organization.

With our six areas of focus  - Member Experience, Network, Team Member, Operational Excellence, Technology and Financial Stewardship -  guiding us, we will continue to seek opportunities for innovation and improvement. Today’s healthcare environment is more challenging than ever before; but our mission remains the same: to partner with our providers and community organizations to ensure access to quality, wellness-based healthcare services for our members. we will pursue tomorrow with vision, courage and perseverance. We have just begun.