Open Access

If you’re a foster parent, IEHP applauds you. By reaching out, you’re giving a child a chance at a better life, a better future. Many children enter foster care with a list of physical or behavioral health concerns. Due to changing placements, these concerns went untreated. By speeding up the process to see a Doctor the Open Access Program makes it simple for your child to receive ongoing medical care. No matter where you live in the Inland Empire, your child can see any Doctor in the network. Plus, our program gives your child many services you won’t find with the Regular Medi-Cal system. 

How Open Access makes it simpler for your child to get healthcare:

  • Save time looking for a Doctor, your child can see any Primary Care Doctor in our large network.
  • You can switch Doctors anytime for any reason, we will help you find one. Call 1-800-440-4347 or 1-800-718-4347 for TTY users.
  • The Program gives your Doctor a record of your child’s health history (shots, medicines, checkups) so there’s no guesswork.
  • If you misplaced your IEHP Member ID Card or Beneficiary Identification Card (BIC), an Open Access Doctor can go online and quickly confirm your child’s eligibility.

You and your child get extra services at no cost:

  • Keep your child feeling well with free Wellness Programs like asthma or diabetes.
  • Keep your child safe and healthy and get extras a parent can appreciate like an infant car seat, children’s vitamins, and a bicycle helmet.
  • A team helps you care for your child with a chronic illness. Working with your child’s Doctor, we call you, making sure your child gets the right care. We even lend a hand if things like Doctor visits, lab tests or medicine pile up.

Get health advice at night:

When you can’t reach your Doctor after hours, call the IEHP 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line. You’ll get the advice you need – until you can see your child’s Doctor.

Find out more about the Open Access Program by calling an IEHP Foster Care Specialist at 1-800-706-4347, Monday–Friday, 8am-5pm.