Screening and Enrollment

Per All Plan Letter (APL) 17-019, all Providers currently in IEHP’s network and those looking to join the network, are mandated to enroll in the Medi-Cal Program.  This requirement to enroll in the Medi-Cal Program applies to all IEHP Providers, including those participating through an IPA. If a Provider, currently active with IEHP, fails to complete their enrollment in the Medi-Cal program by January 1, 2019, IEHP will be required to terminate their participation from the network.


DHCS’s Provider Enrollment Division (PED) is responsible for the timely enrollment of Providers into the Medi-Cal Program.  The PED has two options for enrollment: 

The PED now offers an improved web-based alternative to the current paper application enrollment process via the Provider Application and Validation for Enrollment (PAVE) Provider Portal.  The PAVE portal can be accessed using the following link, The online system now offers the following features:
    • secure login 
    • document uploading 
    • electronic signature 
    • application progress tracking 
    • intuitive guidance 
    • social media collaboration 
PAVE is being implemented is a series of releases to include Provider types and enrollment actions. The current PAVE release may not support the submission of new out-of-state providers and specific Provider types. Please check the current PAVE Implementation Schedule to ensure that your Provider type is available. 


Paper Application
If your Provider Type is not included in the current PAVE release, you may submit a paper application. Please review the list of Application Packages by Provider Type; the applications are available to you on the DHCS website.


Application forms, instructions, and tips can be found on the DHCS website at  The webpage has information that can assist you in completing and submitting a complete application package.


If you do not find your Provider type listed, please call or email the Provider Enrollment Message Center for assistance at (916) 323-1945 or



  1. California Health & Human Service's Agency Portal
    Utilize the portal to see Providers who have successfully enrolled in the Medi-Cal Program through DHCS.  The portal is maintained and updated monthly by the PED.

  2. All Plan Letter 17-019
    Access the All Plan Letter on DHCS's website regarding the screening and enrollment of all Providers.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

  4. Provider Enrollment Division Contact Information

Mail E-mail
Department of Health Care Services
Attn:  Provider Enrollment Division
PO Box 997412
Sacramento, CA 95899-7412


PED Message Center

(916) 323-1945

*After reaching the welcome message,

please select option 4, then option 1, to 

speak with a live agent.